How To Fit Your Home Improvement In Around A Busy Lifestyle

Doing your own home improvement is a great way to make real your vision for the perfect home. The property itself really is just four walls and a roof – it’s what you do with it that can make it into a dream home and that will ensure that it’s perfectly suited to your needs and tastes.

However while many of us might have plans and hopes for our properties, in many cases these go unfulfilled and one of the major reasons for this is that we lack the time to do that DIY. Sure, for many of us cost is also a big prohibitor, but there are ways around this and not all home improvement of course requires you to spend all that much. When there’s no time to work on a property though, and when you feel rushed about, then this can really prevent you from digging in and getting started on the changes you’d like to see made to your home.

Of course though there are ways around this problem too, and where there’s a will there’s most certainly a way. Here then we will look at a few ways you can get around this problem and fit in more DIY jobs and renovations around your busy schedule.

home improvement
Home Improvement – flickr photo by CJ Sorg

Do Less…

You know when you’re doing too much on a weekly basis when your home starts to look like a bomb hit it. When the washing up piles high because you don’t have time to wash it, and when your clothes are strewn all over the floor because you don’t have the energy to put them away it’s probably true that you need to slow down. Likewise slowing down will give you the time to do the extra little things that will make your home shine – like repainting that spare room. If you have a job that just isn’t getting done, then consider telling your boss that no you’re not going to stay late any more, limiting your number of social appointments, or quitting a club or class that’s proving more stress than it’s worth.


The thing that’s great about home improvements is that they don’t require 100% of your attention and they’re generally the kind of tasks you can do while your mind is elsewhere. This means you can squeeze more into your day by multitasking while you’re working. For instance why not paint the skirting boards while you catch up on your correspondence on hands free, or why not try redecorating your living room while you watch your favourite TV program? If you would have just been watching TV otherwise, then this way you’re getting more use from that time.

Book it In

If you can’t seem to fit your DIY in around your regular lifestyle then you need to treat it like a proper commitment. In other words act as though this was a holiday or a night out with friends – book the time off and if anyone invites you out or asks you to do something just say that you’re busy. Likewise you might want to book some time off work in order to concentrate on these jobs and if you book off the Monday and Friday say then you’ll be able to get in four days of solid work. Think about how much holiday you have, what else you need to use it for, and then schedule in some home improvements for throughout the year.

Maria Stew is a professional home improvement blogger and an expert interior designer living in Western Australia. 

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