How Anyone Can Replace an Oven Door Hinge

There’s nothing worse than broken or malfunctioning kitchen appliances. A wonky oven door, for example, is particularly bad because if it won’t properly seal then there is no using the oven at all. The culprit in most of these instances is a loose or faulty hinge, which is positive because it’s a fairly quick fix.

Of course many homeowners don’t recognize this right off and end up spending exorbitant amounts on repairs or even total oven replacement.

But those with a faulty oven door should look at the situation as an opportunity to get to know their appliance as they perform the fix themselves.

Things you’ll need:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Replacement hinges

Replace an Oven Door Hinge

Step 1

Shut off the power to the oven and open the door so it is ajar at a 45-degree angle. Locate the oven hinges situated on either side of the bottom corners of the door. These hinges are metal and circular in shape, often equipped with teeth in which to secure the hinge latch.

Step 2

Use the tip of the Flathead screwdriver to pop the metal latch situated on top of the hinge up in order to release it. Repeat the process with the remaining hinge.

Step 3

Shut the oven door and lift it up by the handle until it releases from the body of the unit. Place the oven door face down on a work surface or table. It may be necessary to place a towel or other piece of fabric down before placing the oven door as this will prevent damage to any glass windows on the door.

Step 4

Use the handle of the screwdriver to press down firmly on the damaged hinge. This will put the hinges in the “closed” position.

Step 5

Look at the side of the oven door and locate the screws that secure the rear panel to the door. Loosen the screws with your screwdriver in order to remove them.

Step 6

Remove the rear panel to expose the hinge assembly. Remove the damaged hinge and set aside. Fit the new hinge in the compartment. Repeat steps 5 and 6 if the remaining hinge needs to be replaced as well.

Step 7

Replace the rear panel of the oven door and tighten the screws using the Flathead screwdriver.

Step 8

Use the handle of the screwdriver to press firmly down on the new hinge(s) in order to put it in the closed and locked position.

Step 9

Lift the oven door by the handle and place it vertically over the oven opening. Lower the door until the hinges fit into the connectors on the bottom corners of the oven.

Step 10

Use the tip of the screwdriver to flip the locking latch down and secure the hinge. Repeat with the remaining hinge. The oven door has now been replaced.

Overall, this is a procedure that most people can complete in a matter of a few minutes regardless of skill level. And while the makeup of an oven door will vary from model to model, most of them are similar enough that these steps should be applicable to most units on the market.

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