House Removal – The Moving Day

A house move is a big process which takes months of preparation and then it is concentrated on a single very busy day or weekend. The moving day is a big mystery to all people who have never moved before. They do everything they can in order to get things right – the proper packing material, a good removals company and enough time for packing and uncluttering.

Nevertheless, most people on the move don’t know what to expect on the moving day. They have all sorts of questions and worries about it: what if the movers don’t come, what if the truck is late, what if the weather gets bad and we can’t move on time, what if the movers break something. These worries are completely normal, but it’s best to be aware of your options and what goes on during the moving day.

First of all, you need to be all packed and ready the evening before. This is of paramount importance – any delays on your side will results in extra charges. Try to go to bed at a reasonable time, because moves usually start early in the morning. If you have scheduled the move for 8 am for example, get up before seven, have a shower, eat and do any last-minute tasks.

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Check if there is enough space on the parking lot for the moving truck. If you have informed your neighbors of the move well before the moving day, but someone has forgot to move their car, call them before the truck arrives. Check if each member of your family has their essentials bag prepared and is ready for the journey.

Once the movers arrive you need to follow their instructions, as well as those for safety. Be careful not to injure yourself if you decide to help out. Check if all the boxes have been labeled and leave the movers to do their job. If you have small children you need to keep them away from the action, same applies for pets. Once the loading of the truck is complete, do a final check of the entire house, the basement and garage, put the box with valuables and personal documents in the boot of your car and get ready for the journey.

Do your best to arrive at the new location before the moving truck. After the truck arrives it is your responsibility to check the inventory and see if everything has arrived safely after the unloading. Of course you cannot open each box right away, but try to check most things within the first day after the move, so you can claim movers’ fault if there is any damage.

During the first hours after moving in, set up the major appliances, the kitchen and the bathroom. Assemble the beds and the furniture in the living room. Don’t rush through that process as you cannot possibly do everything on the first day. Leave the non-essentials for the next days and deal with the basics – the place where you can cook for the family, the living room where everyone can gather and the beds.

The moving day is a long and tiring day, but as long as you remain calm and focused on the tasks ahead, you can manage more than smoothly. After all, the moving day may be tiring and stressful, but it is also one of the most exciting days as you are anticipating the settling in your new home.

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