Guides on Choosing the Best iPhone 5 Cases

When you purchase the latest iPhone 5 gadgets, the second thing that may come into your mind is buying it with iPhone 5 accessories that could help you prolong its life and look trendy at the same time such as the use of iPhone 5 cases.

In this article, you may find list of shopping tips for iPhone 5 cases and different cases types that you could make use of for your iPhone gadget.

Shopping Tips for iPhone 5 Cases

  • If you are planning to shop for your iPhone case, it would be best if you know more about the different types of iPhone 5 cases. There are actually lots of iPhone 5 cases sold offline and online. There are designer cases, colored cases, silicon cases, leather cases, transparent cases, waterproof cases and a lot more. Each of this type is unique and features. Hence, it is important to examine each type of cases before choosing for the best one for your iPhone 5 gadget.
  • When choosing for a type of case, one must bear in mind to make sure that it doesn’t block the iPhone 5’s headphone jack, bottom-mounted speaker, dock-connector port and microphone; the camera lens and the flash on its back, light sensor ad proximity sensor; and the top-mounted microphone. Hence, if you want to use dock-cradle accessories, it would be best to make sure that the iPhone 5 cases that you are going to choose could be removed easily. This is because of the fact that many docking accessories which are like the speaker system is not usually compatible in some iPhone 5 cases.
  • After choosing what type of iPhone 5 cases would suit best your iPhone 5 gadget, it would be wise to locate a good dealer for the product. There are usually lots of dealers found online. One must consider the fact that there are lots of dealers that offers fake iPhone cases with low quality materials. Hence, it is more likely important to choose a dealer that surely offers original cases. A well-known dealer online could be the best choice for a good dealer.
  • Search iPhone 5 cases according to categories and select the best colored case. When searching for the best case for your iPhone 5 gadget, it would be much easier to search according to categories. Among the best categories you could see from a good dealer online include metal cases, ultrathin cases, cute cases, silicone cases, leather cases and lot more. Hence, select for the best colored case that would match your device.

iPhone 5 Cases

Case Types for iPhone 5 you could choose from:

  • Shells. A shell-style case could be your best choice if you need a lot of protection for your device. This is commonly preferred if you keep your iPhone in purse, laptop bag or in your pocket. These firm cases can enclose most of your device in a thin layer of firm metal or plastic which protects it from minor scratches and bumps. Shell-type cases leave all your device controls as well as its entire screen accessible. Hence, it also has a slim profile which doesn’t add bulk to your iPhone. Some of this type of cases usually comes with a belt clips.
  • Pouches and sleeves. These iPhone 5 case types completely encase your device to safeguard it against scratches. They usually provide paddings to serve as an aid for your iPhone against shocks, bumps and drops. Though this case may limit your access to your device’s touchscreen, it is relatively inexpensive.
  • Holsters. Holsters enable you to store your device on your bag or belt strap. These cases enable you to have an easy access for your device; however, taking out your device from these cases is needed for you to use your iPhone.
  • Body Films and screen protection. There are many iPhone cases that include adhesive, flexible and clear films that protect the device’s glass screen from possible scratches. There are high-quality film such as screen protector that are basically invisible in feature and do not affect the device’s touchscreen sensitivity. Hence, some of it is designed for full iPhone’s body protection that protects the device from scratches as well as do not add bulk to the phone. Some of it offers an anti-glare finish without disguising the entire phone’s stylish appearance.
  • Skins. These cases encloses iPhone device in a layer of rubber made in silicon or other flexible material. There are thinner skins that do not add bulk to the phone and there are also thicker skins which provide the device with extra shock protection. There are many skins that are easy to remove which you could find it convenient when you want to use your iPhone accessories. However, as it provides grip, it could be a minor hassle to you in getting your gadget out of your pocket.

Some of the iPhone 5 cases are bumpers, armbands, and flip cases and wallets. These may differ in features but serve as a common purpose of providing your device with protection against scratches, bumps, drops and other related damages.

Your iPhone could be the best device you could ever have. While maintaining its stylish appearance, putting it in a good iPhone 5 cases could prolong its life.

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