Facebook to Care and Promote Mobile Developers

Caring for mobile developers is a common courtesy these days. First of all the industry is in full bloom and numerous startups have transformed from highly risky investments into quite promising sources of earnings and profit. A good army of skilled and, what’s even more important, loyal developers might turn out to be quite a substantial promoter of a certain platform and a weighty ground for its popularity.

Move to Gather Army of Loyal Fans

To recall the events of several years ago, that was exactly the way Apple started its movement to the top of the mobile world: nesting developers, cherishing them, teaching them and even punishing if they trespass the limits or violate the conditions defined by the company.

Google seems to be following the same organizational pattern with its Android platform. Microsoft is undertaking similar initiatives. Facebook, which these days can be quite unbiasedly called another IT giant, is also determined to train its own army of loyal supporters just in case.

Facebook to Care and Promote Mobile Developers

Facebook decided to focus on what a social network of enormous dimensions and immense number of regular users can do best — advertising and promotion. A new publishing tool for mobile games provided by the social network should provide unique opportunities for game developers and their breathtaking and catchy products. Such a gift and promotion with 800 million monthly users about fourth of whom eagerly play games when online is a real God’s blessing  meant only for those  whom the company views  as high-potential developers. That means those who are or will be ardent followers and supporters.

Stakes on Mobile Game Promotion

Of course, those services are not free of charge. Like a good business entity Facebook intends to earn money taking some reasonable share in revenues. However, the company is determined to provide future partners with some guidance as well as a reliable analysis tools, which will help to work out the best marketing strategy. Taking into account that nowadays Facebook is one of the leaders in generating big data, which has incomparable market value when properly processed, who else knows better how to form marketing strategies for such a crowd of people.

In fact, game development with the rise of the web and, especially, social networks received a huge impulse to grow and expand in scale. To create some small mobile game is definitely easier than work out something paramount to the legendary World of Warcraft, Diablo, Elder Scrolls or something of the same level. Besides, social networking gaming has reliable and well known channels for promotion and monetization.

Making a stake on mobile games is a rather reasonable step to make in a saturated mobile apps market, where new apps gain breathtaking popularity in days and quite soon are forgotten forever. Despite that fact, the market seems to be very promising and Facebook has decided to gets own piece of that juicy pie and increase annual profits and shareholder dividends.

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