Correct Tire Pressure Can Increase MPGs

How often do you think about your tires. For most people considering purchasing new tires is just about the only time that comes into the mind. Tires are not an inexpensive purchase for your vehicle. Not only did it cost money but they also ensure safety while driving. In addition to safety, correctly inflated tires can last longer and even improve MPGs.

You don’t need expensive equipment or an expert to check the air pressure in a tire. For starters you can look at your tires and if they appear flat it probably means they’re low on air. To check air pressure in the entire you’ll need a gauge. They can be found at gas stations and are located on the tire hose.

Check your owners manual to learn the recommended air pressure for your vehicle’s tires. Never go above or below the recommended levels. Staying at the high end of normal is safe and you may see you the best gas mileage there. If you really want to splurge then go to your local auto parts store and purchase a tire gauge for a few dollars. Check your tire pressure weekly and make sure everything is properly inflated. You cannot only save money on improving MPGs, but also you can make your tires last along time.

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Correct Tire Pressure Can Increase MPGs

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