Container Offices – A Perfect Solution

With so many start-ups founded on a daily basis and more people being introduced in this versatile industry, there are a couple of problems that arise in the beginning of every fresh business – what new products and services to offer, which approach to go for, where to find clients and how to get into competition?

Another important thing that all new business owners have to consider is where to set up offices and how to accommodate all employees. There is the financial matter involved as well, because big office spaces are more than expensive.

However, an innovative solution is available to those ready to adapt their needs to a new setting and go with a slightly different, yet equally efficient approach – shipping containers converted into offices.

The Size

First of all, how big are shipping containers and are they in a position to house enough desks, chairs, shelves, phones, computers and all other pieces of furniture a modern office needs? Well, yes, they are: with the sizes varying from eight to over fifty feet in length and eight to ten feet in height, theyare big enough for a regular-sized office.

Moreover, if you need to go bigger – even though most start-ups do not, at least not in the beginning – non-standard sizes are available as well. If you want to go really big, you can stack a few smaller containers next to each other and easily connected them.


Shipping containers’ main usage is overseas transport of goods, so they are not only durable and safe, but can also withstand all kinds of weather conditions that may harm the products stored in them. This also means that your new office made from one of these will not feel the impact of harsh temperatures – do not worry your employees will be too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

Moreover, another reason why container solutions have been getting more attention lately is because these structures are sound insulated, so outside noise will not disrupt your work and train of thought that much, nor will your office murmur bother your immediate environment.

Container Offices: A Perfect Solution, Container Office


Another important thing is that containers are customizable and can be adapted and modified to accommodate your personal needs and enable you to move in easily. Not all businesses require the same type of office space and not all owners want to start their companies in a default setting. That is why there are so many different container-based offices in various industries – from design studios and small tech companies to showcase spaces and independent galleries.

The Price

The thing with shipping containers is that there are so many of those around the world, completely empty and unused, waiting to be bought and transformed into something new. You can purchase one for about $2,000 to $3,000, which is, considering how big they are, much less expensive than an office space of the same size.

Container Offices: A Perfect Solution, Container Office

However, containers can also be rented and these prices are also low in comparison to other solutions. For example, startup hub-based workspaces in London offer an entire container for somewhere around £1,200 or about £300 per a personal desk for the entire month. Knowing that regular offices generally go for far more than £2000 on a monthly basis in the same area, it does not surprise that many business owners prefer containers.

The New Beginning

When starting a new company, you need all the help you can get and avoid as many potential problems as possible. If you manage to find solid and well-maintained shipping container to buy or rent, your office will be taken care of and you will be able to focus on other business-related things.