Concrete Barriers as a Traffic Management Method

Anyone with a parking bay on their site will know that it can be a nightmare trying to control who goes where. Drivers are inclined to park where it suits them and to take whichever route is most convenient, whether that means driving across your beautiful flower borders or into a supposedly private part of the site or not. It can be exasperating trying to come up with increasingly direct ways to address the issue on your signage – but what do you do when ‘THIS WAY ONLY’ doesn’t cut it?

Of course, you could employ someone to monitor your parking facilities or the vehicle entrance, but that’s an unnecessary expense. Instead, you should think about a more permanent solution to make sure everyone stays within the lines and doesn’t venture too far into the wrong parts of your property. Not only can this be a safety issue if people aren’t aware that a car will be using a supposedly secure area, but it can be a security issue.

Who knows who could be driving around where you don’t want them? It can also cause practical problems, for instance if somebody parks in a loading bay or across an emergency exit.

Concrete Barriers

Concrete barriers are the best way to manage traffic on your site. Everyone has seen the lurid orange plastic barriers some businesses half-heartedly use to redirect traffic, but not only do these look unattractive, they’re also not very effective. What is to stop a particularly determined driver from simply picking it up and moving it if it’s blocking off their favourite parking space? Concrete, however, will require specialist equipment to shift, which makes your property significantly more secure.

It can be used for several purposes in the control of vehicles. Firstly, you can use these to create secure parking areas. Nobody can shift a concrete barrier half a metre or so to squeeze their car into a space it shouldn’t be in, meaning your parking area will remain at the correct capacity. Secondly, you could use a temporary concrete barrier if you need to block off specific areas for a short while; for instance if you’re reconstructing a certain part of your site and don’t want prying eyes seeing it in a less-than-immaculate state. You can also use them along the entire length of your desired route through your property to make sure nobody is able to take a sneaky shortcut.

With concrete barriers, you don’t need to worry about paying someone to do the job that a reliable, sturdy barrier system can do for you, and you can rest assured that it’s keeping your property safe and used the way you want it to be.

Tom Davison is a private security consultant specialising in traffic management and site security solutions

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