Choosing The Best Appliances For A Design Kitchen

You’ve chosen the design and the layout, you know what look you’re going for, now all you need to do is choose the right appliances for your design kitchen. Easy, right? But then you head to the shops or get online and realise there are hundreds out there to choose from.

Don’t panic, this should be fun! As long as you sit down and decide what you need, what you will use, and what would make your life easier, shopping for design home appliances should be a breeze.


Appliances Which Work For You

If you rarely use your oven, only switching it on for special occasions, you probably don’t need one with all the bells and whistles. A double door fridge with a huge capacity is probably too big if you live on your own or with just one other person. Equally, a big family needs a big fridge-freezer, as well as a washing machine which can fit large loads. Don’t get lured by fantastic looking appliances or those with 300 different functions if they won’t work for you and your household or you simply won’t use them.

We have compiled a list of appliances which look great in a design kitchen and perform equally as well. Don’t forget, function is just as important as style!


Size will be your first consideration – think about how often you eat at home, how much fresh produce you buy, whether you shop once a week or more regularly, and of course the number of people in your household. When designing your kitchen, make sure you leave enough room for the size of refrigerator you will need. Consider controls that allow longer preservation of food, easily removable shelves, and possibly a built-in ice maker.


Built-in or freestanding, single or double, recipe functions, self-cleaning, even the weighting of the door – all of these need to be considered before a decision can be made. To keep your kitchen looking fabulous without the hard work that normally goes with it, a self-cleaning oven is the best investment you’ll make!


You’ve a choice between electric, gas or induction, with gas and induction being the preferred options. Induction is the new super-cool kid in town, with all the efficiency, speed and control of gas but without the naked flame and with better looks. Some still prefer to cook on gas though so it really comes down to personal choice – and the type of power you are connected to.

Dishwashers & Washing Machines

They should be hidden in another room, or else seamlessly fit in with the design of the kitchen. Think about great design, different wash options for superior cleaning and first-class filtration.

Whatever appliances you decide to install in your new design kitchen, make sure they not only look great but perform well too, in terms of both energy efficiency (always look for the ENERGY STAR rating) and function, just as all Fisher & Paykel design appliances do. Think about easy-to-clean stainless steel, sleek design, and ensure that everything fits seamlessly and matches the rest of the kitchen.

The appliances you buy for your design kitchen should be both stylish and functional, incorporating the most advanced technology with a jaw-dropping look.

Image credit: Fisher & Paykel Appliances Limited

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