Best Party Places in the World to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Regardless of which country you live in, New Year Celebrating Eve with friends and family is a custom.

Here is the list of places that witness not only residents but also tourist coming from different parts of the world to welcome the New Year:

1. London

London tops the list of most sought after place for celebrating the New Year. The sky of this great city is filled with beautiful sky shots and fireworks, which last for 15 minutes after the clock strikes twelve on 31st December. London pubs, discotheques and private parties witness the rich and famous that party till the wee hours on the New Year’s Eve. The view of the fireworks can be taken from the London Eye and the Westminster Bridge on the opposite side. Many travelers come here around Christmas and attend the play and the theatre festival that goes till the New Year.

2. Venice

This city of Italy has always been popular because of the traditional Gondola rides. Venice brings New Year with the bell at St. Marks Campanile and going to the gathering with masks on. Although the parties in the city don’t stop you can easily witness the traditional fireworks on the riversides in the midnight while enjoying some delicious Italian meal.

3. Las Vegas

When talking about celebrating New Year how can one miss out on the American City, Las Vegas? This casino city has every street flashing with lights and firework on the New Year’s Eve. A blend of Paris, London, Venice this city has New Year shows, parties going on, in all the restaurants, pubs, discotheques and hotels. If you have not planned for Las Vegas in advance you might lose out of celebrating New Year amidst the sparkling tall buildings and awesome entertainment.

Celebrate New Year's Eve

4. Edinburgh

Not in the list of many however, this place in Scotland is one of the best places to travel to celebrate the New Year. The travelers can be a part of the “Hogamany” Festival that means the last day of the year in Scottish. A carnival spread across last four days of December is eagerly awaited by the Scottish. With torch light possessions and live music, concert and sky shots that lit up the sky the midnight hour is celebrated gloriously with wine, dance and music.

5. Rio De Janeiro

Brazilians celebrate New Year in summers and therefore its beaches are where you party all night. In Rio, its carnival time for the young and old who throng the beach and stay up and dance all through the night to welcome another year of Glory and bliss. More than 3 million people can be seen on the on Copacabana Beach making it one of the most happening places in Rio De janeiro to travel to for New Year.

6. Sydney

The Sydney harbor bridge has a spectacular architecture and since Australia is one of the first countries to see the New Year sun it brings in the Year with cascade of ships that are illuminated with lights and go on the parade on the harbor on the eve of New Year. Summer in Australia, brings many more travelers to party in the best Sydney pubs.

7. New York

New Years Eve party at the Time square needs no introduction. The Crystal ball drop from the Times Square building is the main attraction along with the firework, which fills the midnight sky of New York. As thousands of people gather to watch this, visitors should reach the Times Square by 3pm on the 31st or watch the ball descending ceremony from the Times Square hotels which are pre-booked for the New Year. The party in the city goes on till wee hours and is popular among the teenagers and the college goers.

8. Paris

If London is on the list, how can we forget Paris? The Champs-Elysees street is seen with hundreds gathering up in the evening to watch the Great Eiffel Tower with the background fireworks in the midnight. View the Paris Skyline from the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre with fireworks illuminating the dark sky as another Year sets in.

With a list of New Year Eve places above, you can also find many more beautiful places that offer entertainment and enjoyment. Plan well in advance and go ahead with your New Year celebration this time. is a famous hotel in Gurgaon known for giving excellent hospitality services. If you are planning Delhi/NCR trip then you can consider this hotel for a comfortable stay without keeping any doubt in their mind.

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