Benefits Of Using An Overseas Education Consultancy

Studying abroad is becoming increasingly popular, with students all over the globe choosing to continue their learning in a different country. Using an education consultancy can help smooth the transition to a new location and they can offer guidance and support on a wide range of issues.

Moving Abroad to Study

More and more people are choosing to study abroad for a variety of reasons. School leavers are often attracted by the exciting proposition of living and studying in a different country, whilst older students may see it as an opportunity to enhance a new career, or an unmissable opportunity later in life.

Whatever your reasons and wherever you are moving from and moving to, there is no need for you to go it alone. There is a wide range of help and support available in the form of overseas education consultancies, who can help you with all kinds of practical advice and administration support. Most institutions, such as Lansdowne independent sixth form college, welcome international students and are keen to support them in their studies. An education consultant can help you liaise with your chosen institution and work within their specific application guidelines.

A diverse mix of students help institutions such as Lansdowne independent sixth form college offer a rich cultural environment in which to study. Your education consultant can support you in establishing just what you are looking for in your chosen country, course and institution.

Overseas Education Consultancy

Top Six Things An Education Consultant Can Help You With

  • 1.      Course selection. There are different things on offer depending on what you would like to study and where you are planning to live. They can guide you through your options to find the best to suit your requirements.
  • 2.      Help with application forms. Whether you are making a single or multiple application it is always helpful to have guidance and your education consultant can take you through the necessary processes.
  • 3.      Choosing the right institution. You might be planning to continue your studies for a while, or perhaps you are studying to help you enter your chosen career. The right advice is essential for choosing the best place to study.
  • 4.      Scholarship and fees advice. Depending upon which country you are studying in and which course you are taking, you may be eligible for a scholarship or bursary. An education consultant can talk you through your fees and help you apply for any eligible support.
  • 5.      Visa information. Some countries will require a visa or other documents before you can study there. Your education consultant can advise you on any paperwork or legal documents you will need.
  • 6.      Travel and reception arrangements. Air tickets, pick up on arrival, someone to meet you at your chosen institution. There are lots of practical things to consider, which you can discuss with your education consultant.

Advice and Support To Help You Along The Way

Travelling abroad to study is an exciting, challenging and once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Wherever you go and whatever you do, it is sure to be a life-enhancing and career boosting step. Working with an education consultant can help smooth the transition and help you get the best out of your experience.

Lisa has worked in education for over 20 years in a number of further and higher education institutions. Easter revision at Lansdowne College London is one of those college. She now shares her experiences by contributing to education websites and blogs and lives with her family in the north of England.

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