Benefits Of Carrying Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is just one item among many that is available for self-defense. Pepper spray is a substance that has actually been used for hundreds of years, but it did not become extremely popular until a couple of decades ago. It is now a product that is available for purchase, and you can buy this spray from many different places. This product is something that is used to ward away attackers. My sister lives in a rural area and she commonly takes walks. Every time she takes a walk, she carries this spray with her. If someone were to attack her, she would have a simple way to defend herself and get away from the attacker.

Pepper spray is made from very hot peppers, and it has lasting effects on a person.

Pepper Spray The main ingredient in this spray is called oleoresin capsicum and it is found in cayenne peppers. When you purchase pepper spray, it will list the content of this ingredient and it is usually between 2 to 10Higher concentrated formulas will have longer lasting results on an attacker. It is also possible to find some of these sprays that come with dyes in them. When you spray someone with one that has a dye, the dye will remain on the attacker and on his clothes. This might make it easier for the police to find the perpetrator.

There are several different effects that paper spray has on a person.

If you were being attacked, you would spray the pepper spray on the attacker and you must try to aim for the eyes. This substance will cause the attacker’s eyes to close immediately. They will close even if they do not feel pain. The nice part is that this will cause the person to become blind, but only for a temporary period. It will last up to 90 minutes, depending on the strength. This spray may also cause the person to have trouble breathing. If the spray gets in the person’s mouth or if he breathes in it, the spray may cause the throat to swell up. The attacker will still be able to breathe, but it may be difficult for him. During this time, you are given an opportunity to escape. As soon as you can get away, you should run. You can call the police while you are escaping, or you can wait until you are in a safe place. The faster you call the police, the better the chance will be that they will catch him.

If you are interested in purchasing pepper spray, find a bottle that will be easy for you to use.

You can find small bottles that come on key chains. You can also find small spray cans that you can keep in your purse or pocket. Whenever you are in a situation where you might possibly need to use it, make sure that you know where it is and that you can get to it quickly. If you have pepper spray but cannot get to it when you need it, the spray will not do you any good.

You cannot bring pepper spray on airplanes, but you should keep it with you wherever else you go.

Pepper spray will not kill a person and will not leave a person permanently injured, but it will stop a perpetrator dead in his tracks. As soon as you spray this, the attacker will not know what hit him. He will most likely be down for a while and this is your perfect opportunity to escape. If you do not own a bottle of this, it might be something that you should consider buying.

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