Avoid The Top 5 Startup Mistakes

Let’s own up to it that at some or the other point of time, we’ve all dreamt of having our own start-up. Your very own success story stemming out of your brainchild. Well, if your Grey cells are still triggering then without any time let’s run you through some of the most common mistakes that start-ups commit so that you can easily surpass those hurdles.

  1. Over-expectations

It’s a famous saying that one shouldn’t overstretch beyond one’s limit. When you start off, it’s healthy to have a big goal in the bigger picture but expecting unrealistic returns in a short time will not only hinder your determination to continue but also disable you from setting future goals. A tip to remember here: Rome was not build in a day. Be patient.

  1. Changing tracks

When you have a clear picture in mind, remember to stick to it and not wary from time to time. Have a concrete plan and stick to it rather than swaying away from it. Try setting parameters and putting up timeline to record your goals as and when you finish them. This will encourage and remind you what your true idea is and how to achieve it.

  1. Social media

With majority of the population being familiar to technology and having a considerable amount of social media presence, make you you do not neglect this part of your business. News through social media spreads like wild fire and what it can do to your business is unfathomable, literally! You wouldn’t know about the amazing Paytm offers using Paytm promo code had it not been for social networking sites! So, go out there and reach out to as many as you can.

  1. Apprehensions

It’s only natural to face several doubts and questions when you start with something new. It’s daunting and the risks are high. You barely know how much feet you need to put in to test the shaky waters. What do you do? Leave the challenges behind and put the doubts to rest, stop second guessing yourself. Positive environment and rock solid plan will be your allies. Take a cue from one of the most trusted cab services, Uber. That should give you a rough idea!

  1. Backups and Emergency

Although positivity and confidence helps, don’t let it eat up your goals. Always have a backup plan. Always. Having a strong ground to fall back on is necessary when you’ve put yourself all out there. Arrange emergency funds and reliable contacts. It’s a business and you can never predict 100% of what to expect from it. Be ready at every step.

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