Advice for Installation of Gutter Protection System

Gutter cleaning and maintenance is something that every homeowner procrastinates or wishes to evade. While the whole process is time consuming and potentially dangerous, you can end up paying heavily for the repairs and damages if you ignore it for too long.

Installation of an effective gutter protection system acts as a wonderful solution to this problem. Basically, a gutter guard system allows the proper drainage of rain water through the gutters by keeping away dry leaves and other debris.

Reasons for Using Gutter Guards

Leaves and debris can block you gutters and downspouts. Blocked gutter spills out the water that seeps down into the ground reaching the foundations of your house. Ultimately, you are countered with the problems such as spoiled landscaping, mould and peeling of paints.

Gutter guard system enormously reduces the need for cleaning the home gutter system, thereby keeping your health and safety. You are saved of the need of climbing up a ladder every season to clean the gutter system and exposing yourself to the dangers of falling or getting hurt while cleaning. Other than this, you also save on your maintenance cost and time.

Gutter Guards

Types of Gutter Guards

The primary gutter guard products available in the market can be divided into two broad categories:

  • Gutter Screens: These can be thought of more like filters which succeed in keeping away only the larger debris making the gutters more likely to be clogged than that in the case of gutter covers. They come in different varieties depending upon the material used such as nylon, mesh and foam. Though, they lack in durability but they allow a better water flow. In addition to this, they are cheaper and easier to install.
  • Gutter Covers: These are larger in size and taxing in terms of installation efforts required along with the money involved. Made of stronger metals like copper and aluminium or thick plastic, they boast of better durability than their screen counterparts. They completely cover up the gutter because of which only lesser amount of rainwater passes through the gutter.

There is a large variety of gutter guards available in the market. Pick a one for your home gutter system as per your requirements and budget. You should consider several factors before investing in the gutter guard protection system. Choose the one that works best for you in terms of costs involved, effectiveness, ease of maintenance and their appearance.

Once you have chosen the right product, you have the option to install that product yourself or to leave this job to a pro. In case, you decide to save on the installation cost by doing it yourself then you can find various DIY kits in the market which would be a great help to you. If you feel that the whole installation job could be quite demanding and would be done best by a team of professionals, then there are numerous companies offering such services.

Here are some of the factors that you must consider before deciding on a company for the purchase of the products as well as installation of the gutter guard system.

  • Reputation: It is very important to check into the reputation and credibility of the company in the market. You can ask you friends and neighbours for recommendations. The dealer should specialize in gutter protection and must have a proven track record.
  • Satisfies with the right product information: The company should make the right suggestions of the products free of the pushy sales approach. Prefer to counter check the vital product information yourself such as its durability, effectives and its warranty. Ask the company of its replacement and refund policy.
  • Offers wide variety of products: You will need a particular type of product for your home that would suffice your requirements. For this, it is always better if you are offered a variety of products available in the market so that you can compare and select the best product as per your suitability.
  • Trained and competent installation team: The installers provided by the company should be competent enough to handle any kind of situation with regard to gutter safety and maintenance. You can ask the dealer if the installers are certified or if they have received any factory authorized training. With inappropriate installation, your money invested in the purchase of the gutter guard can go in total waste in addition to causing any further damages.
  • Ensuring you protection against liabilities: Even the professional workers cleaning your gutters or installing a gutter guards system are at risk of accidents while working. You surely would not want to pay for such accidents and liabilities from your own pocket. For this, it is mandatory that your company should have a valid certificate of liability insurance and worker’s comp coverage. The absence of this protection can jeopardize your policy.
  • Overall house maintenance knowledge: Sometimes you might be facing some roof problems due to erroneous insulation or ventilation in your home. It is likely that you might take it as a cause of ineffective working of your gutter system. Hence, ensure that the professional hired by you is qualified enough to make out the difference and makes the right suggestions to mend the problem.
  • Inclusion of personalized services: Some of the companies also include the annual cleaning of the gutters in the contract. However, this service might come at a premium price. If you feel the price is reasonable then you can go for it or wait till you have tested the services and work of your contractor.
  • Some contractors also offer quoting of the price for free. In this, a trained professional will visit your house. After taking the measurements of the gutter and considering other factors such as the number of trees at your place, a price would be quoted to you as per your budget.

Thus, choose a contractor in your area which can be relied upon for the quality gutter maintenance services and products. Always take care to combine the right product with the right installation to ensure the effective working of the gutter system of your home.

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