9 Tips to Prepare For a DIY Paint Job

Painting a car can cost a small fortune if you pay another person to do it for you. However, if you take on the task by yourself, you can save a lot of money and still get an outstanding finish.

There are several ways that you can control the cost, from renting an inexpensive space to work, to purchasing discount auto paint supplies online.

In order to manage this process on your own, however, you will have to follow a few simple steps to prepare the car and your space.

Painting a car

1. Buy the Right Products

Before you can begin, you will need the right tools for the job. This will mean plastic and tape for covering portions of the car that are not to be painted. You will probably want to invest in some large drop cloths as well, to cover floors and walls while you paint. Finally, you will need the primer, paint, and top coat, as well as the gun with which to spray them. If you are unsure which products will work best for you, consult the professionals for advice.

2. Protect Yourself and The Environment

There are some states that have begun to outlaw certain auto products due to the impact they can have on the environment and on anyone nearby. Lacquers and other paint products are often regulated. Be sure that you are getting safe products that are known to produce desirable results.

3. Out with the Old

While some might attempt to paint over the existing paint, this is not recommended. Stripping to the metal first will prevent chemicals rising from the old paint and will also provide you the opportunity to correct any damage in the metal before painting.

4. Get Dressed

Before painting, it is important to dress for the work. This means covering as much skin as possible, donning rubber gloves, and covering your mouth and nose with a particle mask. This can help defend against any reaction you may have to the paint products. Furthermore, it will make it much easier to clean up afterward. Disposable coveralls are available at a relatively small expense, so you don’t have to worry about what to do with damaged clothing.

5. Cover It Up

Be sure that every surface not being touched with sandpaper, primer, or paint is properly covered. Masking paper and painters’ tape will keep these areas protected while you attack the body. Be careful to apply tape exactly where necessary and rub over the surface of the tape to ensure a proper seal.

6. Reshaping and Sealing

If you must use Bondo to reshape or fill a damaged surface, be sure to let it dry fully and to sand it completely smooth before painting. A tool known as a “cheese grater” can make this process easier.

7. Make Use of Household Products

There are parts of the car that must be covered during this process that don’t necessarily call for buying more masking paper. A simple garbage bag can be all that is needed to keep wheels safe.

8. Highlight Problem Areas

In order to be sure that you have a completely smooth surface, apply a light coat of black paint over the light-colored primer and block sand the surface. Black paint will remain in the low lying areas, so you can easily spot issues on the surface.

9. Mix Paint Exactly

This is not a project that can be done without the right tools. Be sure to measure the paint proportions exactly as stated in the manufacturer’s guidelines and have a stirring stick on hand at all times.

Following these tips can make the project go much more smoothly and will help produce a finish to be proud of. Purchase discount auto paint supplies online.

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