7 Tips to Decorating Walls

In decorating the room, the most important thing to decorate is the wall. Wall decoration is very necessary and important because they are the first thing people view when enter a room. Wall decoration items can be bought easily or made, the market is full of millions of cheap and expensive items. Wall clock, wall hangings, canvas pictures, and decoration pieces all add to the style of the wall. Wall paint is the most important which should match the furniture.

1. Framed Family photos

Family photos can be framed and hanged on the walls of all the rooms used by the family most. Living rooms, bedrooms can have photo frames and also the corridors, if any. Pictures can be from the family’s vintage collection or people can also make a collage of the whole family and make a big frame. There are also small stylish frames which can keep on the small shelves made on the wall. Frames should match the overall outlook of the room.

2. Small music instrument

There are small decorative pieces of musical instruments that can be added to the wall. For music lovers, small guitar or piano can be kept on the shelves on the wall in their bedroom or the living room. A large guitar can also be hanged to make the wall more elegant.

3. Paintings and art

Mostly, on walls, paintings and artwork frames are used in all the important rooms and corridors. Some people also hang wall canvas

to add to the wall decoration. Paintings and art work should be placed in a location where it is prominent and easily visible to everyone.

4. Collectibles

Many people have a hobby of keeping a collection of their choice. It can be currency, movie posters or any other collectibles people have can make wall look better. These collectibles can be framed, kept in a display case or kept on a shelf on the wall so that they look stylish.

There are many other options to decorate the wall and make the room look better. Like adding a good, stylish mirror of the size of your choice can make the room brighter and usually it is considered that mirrors make the room look larger. Mirrors can be placed where people stand a lot. There is another option of painted designs on the wall which make the wall look well-designed. These designs are made using stencils or sheets. So people have choice to make their own design or buy a stencil or buy a lettering stencil to write something interesting. It’s the choice of people living to select the wall of their choice and add designs to it using paint. These all things add to the beauty of the wall and makes the house look better.

5. Canvas art- Importance of material

To be successful in art, a person needs creative skills and most importantly will improve those skills by learning from everything. A person needs to have some special and artistic idea in mind to create a masterpiece. For a canvas designer, the most important thing is motivation. Being inspired from something or someone makes canvas designer and his design better. Canvas designs are not only for an artist, but for art loving people it is equally inspiring. People use canvas design for wall décor, photography and other purposes. This is the most modern form of art and canvas print and canvas pictures are now used worldwide for different purposes.

Today, many people make a canvas from photos that they have to give an artistic look. But to select the perfect material to print it on is very important. Usually for home décor people use cotton or linen. Now the question arises is which is more important. Both can be equally important depending on the purpose of the canvas. Whether it will be placed in home or office or some other place.

6. Cotton

Cotton can be easily stretched and used for canvas printing and photo on canvas prints. It is most commonly used for oil paintings according to the different categories of cotton. As different types of cotton have different weight and texture. For small canvas cotton is the most suitable as it has long life and is very flexible but the same reason makes it unsuitable for large canvas. Large canvas needs less flexible surface. Cotton is not a strong as other materials like linen.

7. Linen

Linen is known for its strength and decay resistance. For oil painting a canvas it is the most suitable but expensive material. Almost all the professional designer uses this material. Linen is used for smooth and stiff painting. Rabbit skin glue is used on linen when making a canvas on it. The purpose of this is to keep canvas and the oil primer intact so that life of canvas increases. It should be applied in a proper and equal manner so that the image remains on the surface for a long time

The material is as important as the artist for a canvas. So in choosing the right material, the artist should keep in mind the requirements in a canvas and the right quantity of everything. This makes a canvas look better and makes its life longer. Now days there are materials that are specially made for canvas designing but for a new comer in the field it’s too expensive.

Serven Wilson works with decorative piece makers and a canvas print UK website and writes on accessorizing the houses.

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