7 Awesome Classical Style Living Room Decorating Ideas

Are you interested in creating a classical look in your living room, but have no idea where to start? The good news is there are several things you can do to make your modern living room appear historic. Whether you bring in furniture with classic lines or add detail to the room, you can give your living room a classical style. The following are just seven awesome classical style living room decorating ideas.

1. Update Classical Style Furniture with Modern Fabric

If you’re willing to invest a bit of money, you can have furniture custom-made with classical style, but modern fabric. You could even purchase furniture in thrift stores or antique shops and update the look. You could also reverse the effect by covering modern furniture in classic fabric.

2. Incorporate Historic Elements

Another great way to add classical style to your living room is to incorporate historic elements. It might be a lamp you found while antiquing or a set of old encyclopedias to line your bookshelves. Have fun with your thrifty fines and create something different in your living room.

3. Mix Dark and Light Colors

Classical style is known for bold color. People were more than happy to have richly colored walls and bright white or cream colored trim. By combining dark and light colors, you add instant interest to your living room in a very affordable way.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

4. Invest in Decorative Wallpaper

Another common feature of historic living rooms wad decorative wallpaper. You can find many of the same designs used during that period, but this is something you will pay a pretty penny for. Some decorators recommend using the wallpaper on an accent wall and paint the other walls a matching color so that you get the effect without the staggering costs.

5. Step Back in Time with a Theme

A theme can make it very easy to decorate your living room in a classical style. Research the different style periods and then consider how you can recreate the look with items available today.

6. Pay Attention to Detail

Detail has always been important in design. In fact, it’s the small details that pull rooms together. A few ideas you could pull from classic design would be to trim out your furniture with a piping detail or a copper nail head trim. Another tip you could use is to add crown molding and install wainscoting. This gives your living room instant classical style.

7. Keep the Room Useable

Last, but not least, keep your room useable. Chances are you have a family and want to still use the living room for entertaining and watching TV. This can be done by upholstering furniture in stain-resistant fabric, choosing durable flooring, and incorporating pieces that double as storage to keep the room clear of toys.

While everyone else may be striving for a more modern look, a classical style living room is something that allows you to be unique and even a bit eclectic.

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