6 Ways to De-Clutter Your Office

Cleanliness is a healthy habit, irrespective of whether you are at home or in office. Over here, we will be going to discuss on cleaning the workspace, organizing cables and wires, decorating ideas.

Apart from looking good, a clean and tidy office boosts up the overall productivity of the employees & creates a professional atmosphere.

Here are some of the important ways to make your office de-cluttered.

1. Clean the workspace

Remove everything from your workspace, including computer, scanner, printer, desk and chairs. Then clean and dust all the nook and corners of the area. Remove the dust accumulated over window panes and other areas of the work space.

2. Discard unnecessary things

Discard all the unnecessary files and papers in your office. Arrange for quite a number of trash bags and start throwing away the files that you do not require any more. Also, Chuck out old magazines and newspapers. This will not only make your office look clean but will also increase the workspace.

office de-cluttered

3. Remove items that seem to be an obstruction

If you think that are too many things in your space, remove them. Certain things can act as inspiration in workplace, but at the same time can be a cause of irritation. Innumerable pictures of your kids and loved ones at office can be distracting at times. So, remove the excessive ones. It’s good to personalize your office, but make sure that it does not take up your workspace. It should not be the cause of your day dreaming or not being able to focus on work.

4. Take a look at the shelves

Remove all the books and files from the shelves. Remove the ones that you do not need any more. Give to charity or sell them online, or make a library for others to read the books. Then dust the ones that you want to keep and put them back to the shelves.  Make sure that you keep them categorically and in organized way.

5. Organize the wires and cables

Messy wires and cables are the common cause of your office look untidy. So many wires run along floors and walls, connecting different electronic gadgets and devices. Organize these wires and de-clutter them.

Unplug all the wires and cables from phone and computer. Separate them in two or more bundles and tie them with zip ties. Zip ties are strong, durable and easily removable. Moreover, they are available in different forms, colors and sizes, ensuring your unique needs and purposes. Other than binding the cables, zip ties are also useful for cable identification. Bind the cables with different colors of zip ties so as to identify the former during emergency.

6. Decorating idea

After you de-clutter and clean your office, deck up with some nice colors and patterns. Paint the wall of the office with soothing and light color. This will make your work space look big and de-cluttered. The ideal ranges of colors for your office are off-white, cream, and light tans. These colors will make your office look professional as well as elegant to visitors. You can also mount some nice pictures and corporate certifications to the wall. Place a decorative vase at your work space with fresh flowers. This will create nice and positive vibes at your office.

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  1. I believe you don’t need a backup every time. This ideology comes from the “one-in-one-out rule,” where you get rid of an item every time you bring a new similar item into the office.

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