5 Ways to Slash Your Laundry Costs

When you want to start living the frugal life, it means you should look for all avenues where you can cut down on costs at home. Starting with grocery bills, energy bills, dining out costs, laundry costs and all else in between, you need to really know where you are overspending when you shouldn’t in order to make a significant difference in your financial life. It also means identifying the little changes that you need to make in order to notice a significant difference in your wallet.

So, how do you slash your laundry costs and start saving at such tough economic times that we are living in today?


Moderate your detergent use

The detergent is one of the major consumers of money when it comes to laundry costs. You should start by moderating the amount of detergent you use. For starters, you should pour out half the recommended amount of detergent. Keep in mind that using too much detergent will weaken the fibers in your clothing making the fabric to hold on to soils and dirt. And you can always rest assured that your laundry will be just as clean.

Invest in an energy efficient dryer and washer

Thanks to technological advancements, doing laundry is much easier and convenient today more than ever before. But this also means one thing, such modern conveniences like dryers and washers end up adding to the cost over time. Investing in energy efficient appliances can go a very long way in helping cut down on your laundry costs.

Use cold water for the wash and rinse cycles

For starters, cold water does not need to be heated, meaning you will save on energy costs. The other advantage of using cold water is the fact that it will preserve coloring in your laundry as it will help the coloring last longer. The good thing is that there are detergents that are designed specifically for cold water usage, so you can bet you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Sort your Laundry beforehand

This is probably the oldest advice you will hear when it comes to laundry costs. Sorting laundry before hand is a win-win situation. For starters, you get to separate colored clothing from plain clothes. This will ensure your plain clothes are not affected should the colored clothes have running colors on them. So you get to save on detergent use when you sort out the laundry. Sorting is also about separating very dirty clothes from not-so-dirty clothes. The not-so-dirty clothes may not use as much detergent as the dirty clothes, so you will end up saving

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