5 Ways To Make Pizza Money While Going To College

College is the go-to choice after high school for most young adults. Since the experience can be rather costly, most college students are pretty low on money. Most colleges have a high tuition which can put college students pretty far into debt. However, there are several ways to make some extra cash for food, toiletries, necessities, or even splurging for pizza while you’re in college.

1. Reduce Clutter & Increase Money

First of all, you can try selling some things you have lying around that you don’t use anymore. This could include clothes, CDs, books, video games and game consoles… you name it, you can usually get a buyer. It’s like the old saying goes – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Always keep Ebay and Craigslist in mind! At Cragslist, if you post something you want to sell, and then say you’ll give it to the best offer, you’ll often get a lot of inquires. Make sure you make yourself aware of the dangers of Craigslist scammers, though – this happens way more often than you’d think! Never allow the money wired to your bank account, and try to always deal in cash or PayPal.

Make Pizza Money

2. Sell Yourself

This might sound a little odd, but try selling plasma! If you’re not afraid of needles, then this can be something to consider. Plasma is the colorless part of your blood that your cells are suspended in. When you sell your plasma, you can get up to 100 dollars. In college, you can make this go a pretty long way. Use the internet to look for the nearest blood bank or hospital and set up an appointment, chances are that there’s one close by. This might hurt a little bit for some, but 100 dollars per week is a lot of money to have, and most would probably be okay enduring a bit of pain for it. Also, healthy males may consider selling a different bodily fluid that doesn’t require the use of a needle to collect.

3. Working Part Time on Campus

This may be obvious, but try getting a part-time job. Most colleges offer work for students – if you don’t have a job because you are pressed on time, imagine how easy going from class to work would be! Colleges need all sorts of jobs filled, like filers, janitorial positions, general service jobs. Just go to your student services office, and ask if there are any positions open. Often there are independently run restaurants or snack shacks on campuses that also may be looking for part time help. These are popular options with college students, because they can work it into their schedule quite easily.

4. Use Your Head

Be a tutor! If you’re good with people, and are of above-average intelligence in a given field, put those smarts to good use. Some students at your school may need some extra help in a subject. You don’t even nessesarily have to tutor people who go to your school – considering tutoring (or even nannying) grade school children. Some people enjoy this even more, because they love kids. Pay rates vary area to area, but you’ll be surprised at how much money parents will pay to have someone trustworthy tutor or take care of their kids!

5. Textbooks

Finally, try selling your old textbooks to the school store, or directly to other students just after school registration. Textbooks are incredibly expensive, and you would be surprised how thankful people will be to buy them from a less expensive seller. This may not earn you tons of money, depending on how many textbooks you have, but it should give you some pocket money until you find a better job or source of income.

College students are generally poor, but this can be avoided if you get creative. Sell your “junk” on Craigslist, consider selling plasma, get a job at school, be a nanny or tutor, or sell all of those textbooks that are gathering dust. You’ll have some cash for pizza in no time.

Jeremy Long is a software developer who got his degree in computer science online and has since contributed to Affordable Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs as a resource for people furthering their education while watching their budget.

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