5 Ways To Beat The Heat On Your Patio

Summertime is outdoor time, but if you live in a warmer climate, your patio may feel more like a sauna than an oasis. If you enjoy relaxing, eating, and entertaining outdoors on your patio but find that temperatures are too hot to handle, there are several ways you can cool your patio. I’ve had several comments from friends and family on my cool patio, and many have asked how I do it. It takes some time, money, and a bit of planning, but with a few additions, you can cool your patio significantly and enjoy it all summer long.

Beat The Heat On Your Patio

One of the most important features on my cool patio is my misting system.

A good, high-pressure misting system can lower the temperature of your patio by as much as 30 degrees. When it comes to misting systems, you get what you pay for. A lower-quality misting system will be inexpensive, but the water droplets will be larger and the temperature may only change by 10 degrees or so. The high-quality systems release a fine spray that doesn’t feel wet at all and provides the drastic drop in temperature you would expect. Either way, you’re cooling your patio significantly when you use a misting system. These systems use the water from your house and, once installed, are easy to operate and maintain. If you want a cooler patio, start with a misting system.

This may be obvious, but if you haven’t already, cover your patio.

My cool patio is covered by a UV-protective awning. I chose a retractable model because I wanted the option to remove the cover at night for stargazing, but you can choose whatever covering works best for you. Umbrellas, pergolas, and gazebos also work well. If you are building a home, consider spending a little more for a covered patio.

My cool patio is surrounded by a lot of vegetation.

Green, leafy plants provide shade and cool the air by a few degrees through the process of evapotranspiration. The more leafy plants you have on your patio, the cooler it will look and feel. You can add any plants you like–just make sure they grow well in hot climates and water them often. You may even want to grow a small vegetable or herb garden so you can cook and grill with your own fresh produce.

Another way to cool your patio is by covering the floor with a heat-resistant surface. Concrete and vinyl tend to get very hot and can be very uncomfortable to walk on, so use wood, stone, or composite instead. You may even want to cover your patio with some soft, light-colored rugs in order to prevent heat absorption.

Finally, consider installing fans around your patio for an extra-cool atmosphere.

If your patio is covered, you can install ceiling fans just as you would inside your home. If not, purchase outdoor oscillating fans that can be mounted on the side of the home or the patio support beams. The fan and misting system combined will drastically reduce the temperature on your patio and make it much more comfortable during hot summer months.

If you find yourself avoiding the patio during the summer, it’s time to make some changes.

By adding a misting system, a cover, vegetation, a heat-resistant floor covering, and fans, you can lower the temperature on your patio by 10 to 30 degrees or more. With these additions, your patio can be an extension of your home and a place that you will enjoy all summer long. You will finally be able to relax, cook, eat, talk, and entertain on your patio the way you’ve always dreamed of. Visit your local patio store today and get started!

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