5 Vitamins that Keep Acne at Bay

All excited to attend your friend’s wedding? Putting on your best attire you begin to look into the mirror and what do you find there? Those ugly zits and mild pimples? Well, acne is something that can wreak havoc on your face. You begin to hate yourself because of the scars that are left behind.

Acne sufferers spend thousands of bucks purchasing cosmetic creams, cleansers, taking pills and opting for other treatments. Apart from burning a hole in your pockets, you will have to face several embarrassing situations because of acne.

There are numerous causes of acne. Some of the most common reasons for pimples include hormonal changes, stress and lack of sleep, prolonged exposure to sun, certain food allergies and a poor diet. Apart from these major causes, acne also occurs due to vitamin deficiency in the body. In order to have a healthy and acne-free skin all you need to do is load up on vitamins, which will give you a gorgeous skin.

Here is your guide to some of the most important vitamins and how they help keep acne at bay.

Vitamins that Keep Acne at Bay

1. Vitamin A for Healthy, Blemish-free Skin

Vitamin A is beneficial in reducing oil production and this is important, as chances of developing acne is lowered. Dermatologists recommend taking retinoids, which are derived from vitamin A because of its effective healing properties. Some of the other functions performed by vitamin A in treating acne include:

  • Major function performed by vitamin A is reducing the sebum production of the sebaceous glands. This averts development of acne because only the required amount of sebum is produced to keep cells hydrated.
  • By loading up on vitamin A, you will find that the skin is less likely to develop acne. This is because the vitamin helps flush out toxins from the body.
  • Vitamins can be taken as supplements or from diets for a healthy, gorgeous skin. Foods like carrots, tomatoes and squashes are good for acne-free skin. In order to keep acne at bay includes fruits like papaya in your diet.

2. Reduce the Long-standing Effects of Acne with Vitamin E

Apart from being a powerful anti-oxidant, vitamin E is beneficial in repairing damaged skin cells. This helps lessen the long term effects of pimples.

  • Slowing down the breakdown of saturated fats and averting their join up with various toxins that cause acne is a major function performed by vitamin E.
  • If you include vitamin E in your diet, you will be less prone to acne because it helps in delivering more oxygen to the red blood cells.
  • Another major benefit of vitamin E on skin is that it helps improve skin elasticity.
  • Green leafy vegetables, nuts, olives, asparagus are good sources of vitamin E and must be included in diet to fight off acne.

3. Vitamin C – Important For Preventing the Onset of Acne

Vitamin C is believed to be the superior of all the other vitamins because of its ability to fight off all kinds of infections. Some of its functions include:

  • Taking vitamin C is directly connected to internal collagen production. This is lowered because of which you are less likely to develop acne.
  • Vitamin C is beneficial in healing acne scars and leaves your skin youthful.
  • Consuming foods high in Vitamin C can leave your skin smooth, radiant and glowing. It can also minimize chances of gaining acne.
  • Another interesting aspect of this vitamin is that if you use it in the form of lotions, or facial masks, it helps eliminate toxins responsible for causing acne breakouts.

4. Vitamin B5 – Helps Fight off Acne

Popularly known as pantothenic acid, vitamin B5 offers several benefits to skin and helps cure acne easily. The first and foremost benefit of loading up on this vitamin is that it lowers sebum production, which is primarily responsible for those ugly zits on your face.

In order to have a blemish-free and gorgeous looking skin you must load up on broccoli, eggs, mushrooms, yogurt and soy beans, all of which contain good amounts of vitamin B5.

5. Zinc – Most Ideal for Improving Acne Inflammation

Being an excellent anti-oxidant, zinc is the most ideal option when you want a clear, blemish-free skin. Some of the most important benefits of including zinc in diet include:

  • Reduction in sebum production, which leads to pimples.
  • Regulating hormones in the body.
  • Zinc helps boost immunity, which helps body fight various infections.

Include foods like peanuts, dark chocolates, legumes, nuts and pumpkin seeds in your diet, as all of these foods are rich sources of zinc. By including these vitamins regularly in your diet and following a healthy skin care regimen, you will be able to keep acne at bay.

Aydan Stacey is a freelance writer by profession and fitness enthusiast at heart. She mainly covers topics related to health, fitness, Business and Healthy skincare. She prefers natural remedies over quick fixes and has a list ready with most practical methods.

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