5 Tips That Will Make Your Stylist Love You

With the advent of Yelp, Four Square and other online review sites the focus of the consumer/business relationship seems to be soley on the business. These websites are a great resource to find local businesses providing the goods or services you need but they fail to represent a very crucial part of the consumer/business equation, the customer.

Currently there’s no Business Site where companies can respond, discuss, or educate their patrons like Yelp so I’m here to give you 5 tips on how you, as the client, can support your local hair salon and stylist. These tips can also be applied to almost any service industry as well.

1. Be on Time

First impressions are very important and hard to overcome if the wrong foot is put forward. I was always taught that being on time is late so try to always be 5 to 10 minutes early to everything you do. In a service industry like hair, timing is everything. If you’re late, you’re not only affecting your stylist’s schedule but you’re also affecting every client’s schedule your stylist may have after you. If you are running late, and it happens, call the salon and give them a heads up. This a courtesy that will not go unnoticed.

2. Be Honest

It can be very embarrassing to sit in front of a professional stylist and admit to things like perms and bleach but the truth will set you free. And possibly save your hair. Especially when you’re dealing with hair color. We’re talking about chemicals that are applied to your head and sit there for minutes on end. The wrong knowledge could cause more damage then a bruised ego. Bite the bullet and confess all your hair history to your stylist. The worse they can do is make you say 3 Hail Hair’s and 5 Our Stylist’s.


3. Ask Questions

You know what happens to a deer in headlights? They get hit. Don’t get hit with bad, frizzy, or damaged hair. If you don’t understand something, ask your stylist to elaborate. There are no stupid questions, just stupid hair that can easily be avoided with speaking up and making sure you understand what your stylist is doing to your hair and what you need to do when you leave. Which brings us to #4

4. Follow Directions

There’s nothing worse then a friend who complains, asks for advice, and then doesn’t head your words of wisdom. Head your stylist. If you’ve followed the first three points your stylist will know exactly what to do to help you achieve the look you want and need. And if they don’t then the fifth and final point is for you.

5. Break Up with your Stylist

Like any relationship both parties have needs and desires. If your hair desires are not being satisfied then don’t be afraid to find a new stylist. There’s nothing worse then a relationship built on obligation. It’ll become obvious in how your stylist works and obvious in how your style looks. Definitely be honest (#2) and give feedback to your stylist and give them a chance to do right by your hair but after the second or third failed hair date, cut the cord. Your hair and new stylist will thank you.

Educating our clients on these tips is what has helped The Beauty Box Salon become the best salon in Dallas.

Remember, all relationships, whether they be personal, romantic, or professional, are a two way street. Don’t you want the one with your stylist to be a long term one?

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