5 Remedies for Common Odor Problems in Homemade Wines

Congratulations! You have fermented and made your first homemade wine. You certainly have spark and talent. It doesn’t matter if you are using wine-making kits or anything else, you have fermented your wine and it means that you have got an aptitude for this. Regardless of the methods used, you might run into some problems, which is absolutely normal. No one makes the perfect wine for the first time in their lives. We are here to discuss and solve these problems.

Smelling the wine is not the same as smelling anything else. It needs some skill and you should perfect your technique as well. The perfect way to smell your wine is to put your nose deep inside the glass and inhale deeply. Three times. Make every smell longer and deeper than the preceding one. Allow yourself to enjoy the fragrance and aroma. If the smell displeases you, well then, you certainly have a problem my friend!

Homemade Wines

1. Problem: The problem of your wine smelling like vinegar or pungent tops our list. This is the most feared and dreaded problem as it has no solution. Your wine has to be thrown away.

Solution: Use Idophor the next time you plan to make your wine. It is available with the wine making kits and also on wine making shops. The problem that you faced arises because of bacteria and unclean equipment. Make sure to use clean equipment and sanitized products and apparatus.

2. Problem: If you fail to follow the instruction properly then your wine will get a sulphurous smell and taste. This frequently happens and this is because of adding yeast too soon during the fermenting process.

Solution: Camden tablets can save your wine from getting spoiled. Use a tablet per gallon and let it ferment. Keep checking your wine after every couple of days and if does not improve, Camden tablets have failed. Your wine is long lost, throw it away.

3. Problem: Lack of acid in the must can cause your wine to smell more like medicine than an enjoyable drink. This can be a real turn off if you offer it to your guest or another drinker or try to drink it yourself. It cannot be saved either, it is dead and gone. Dispose it.

Solution: Remember to add more acid the next time you make your own wine or utilize a wine making kit.

4. Problem: Bouquet means the overall “feel”, smell and aroma of your wine. If it is missing this important factor then there are some ways here to repair it.

Solution 1: If your wine is simply boring meaning it is flat and uninteresting and doesn’t turn you on or gives you pleasure then it means that it is missing the right amount of acid. Acid gives your wine the character and persona it needs. Without the right amount of acid your wine might just feel “down”.

Solution 2: If your wine feels like watered down then add more concentrated grape juice and let it ferment a little longer. This should also add more body and flavor to your wine. Your homemade wine recipe might also be flawed or the kit you are using is not perfect.

Never underestimate the abilities of your nose or the power of your sense of smell. A lot of problems and flaws can be found and busted even before putting the wine on your tongue. You have got a great ability to smell and utilizing it to the fullest can help in making the perfect homemade wine.

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