5 Hilarious, Fun and Very Creepy Costume Ideas

So, it’s that time of the year when you shove in the nice and bring out the scary. Yes, Halloween’s nearing and everyone looks like they’re one micro-second away from exploding out of excitement.

But you, on the other hand, are officially flipping out, because you have no idea what to wear. Fear not, my friends. Help is close at hand and clichs though are clichs, never fail to rescue.

Here are five maybe common, but, very fun, memorable as well as spooky costume ideas you can never go wrong with.

1. The Mummy

This one is my personal favorite and the simplest costume too! A mummy costume never fails to amuse. And it is quite simple to achieve the look too. All you need is rolls and rolls of toilet paper, neatly wrapped around each area of your body. Old white cloth and bandage can help the cause too. Once you’re all wrapped up, work on that mummy swagger and the gargling and groaning noises. You’re ready. Now go chase poor unsuspecting victims and make it the “scariest” night for everyone!

2. Pedobear

Just thinking about this one sends me into fits of laughter. I mean, yeah, I know it’s supposed to scare and not make people laugh. But that’s just me. If you’re questioning the scariness of this costume, picture this- ‘A group of kids or youth are standing on a pavement. You’re dressed in a Pedobear costume and have nothing good to do with your time. So you think, what better than to scare the beejeezus out of these people?’


Here’s what you should do, stand around the corner of the street your victims are standing on, and slowly creep out of the corner, stand at a distance and just keep staring at them intently. It doesn’t matter if at first they don’t take notice of you, because, eventually, they will.

Once they notice you staring at them. Slowly start walking towards them with arms stretched wide open for that huge Pedobear-hug. You’re going to do something revolutionary. You’re going to change the way people look at brown cuddly bears.

3. Lady Gaga

I’m not a very big fan of Ms. Gaga, but I’ll agree to one thing, she’s the Wal-Mart of Halloween costume ideas. You don’t have to go as far as wearing a meat dress (though a faux meat dress would work wonders!) and it’s not too difficult to catch hold of a scary Gaga costume, just remember one word- OUTRAGEOUS!

Go for loud colors and weird, wacky clothing. Platinum blonde wigs with bow-shaped hairdos or oversized headgears, skyscraper-high heels and weirdly structured dresses work best to achieve the look. Basically, when you’re considering a Lady Gaga costume, you just have to take the name a little literally and just go gaga!

4. Frankenstein and his Bride

If you’re going for a Halloween party as a couple, this works as a brilliant idea. Plus, it’s very easy to be Frankenstein. And being the bride is no rocket science either. To make things a little more fun, you can reverse roles. Let the male wear the bride’s costume and the female be the Frankenstein!

5. Hannibal Lecter

There are a lot of movies that pose as excellent costume ideas. But Hannibal Lecter is probably my favorite. It’s one of the few characters that cinema has produced that still gives me the creeps. Hannibal is not horror, he’s just silently deadly and creepy, a style, which if imitated correctly, can make for one of the most memorable Halloween costumes and give people the heebeedajeebies within seconds of sighting!

The ideas are as endless as the toilet paper you’d use for the mummy costume- right from Zombies to Harry Potter Characters. But, if and when all else fails, panic not and fret not and definitely hole up in your home NOT! No one should be costume-less on Halloween.

If time and resources pose as your mortal enemies, here’s what you should do- grab a shocking white bed sheet, cut two holes in it and well, you know the rest. I know it’s done to death and I know it is lame, but hey, at least you won’t be deprived of a costume and a whole lot of fun!

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