4 Uses for Metal Foil Asset Tags


Metal foil asset tags seem like a simplistic product—and they are. But the versatility and durability of these labels make this simple solution far more valuable than meets the eye. Here are a few ways metal foil asset tags can revolutionize your enterprise.

Metal Foil Asset Tags for Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, assets are critical for operations. Saving lives often depends on the availability of the right equipment on a moment’s notice—equipment that’s in top working condition. Regular maintenance and inspections aren’t only necessary to maintain proper working order, but they’re often required for regulatory compliance. Equipment that fails, impacting the quality of care for a patient, could lead to a lawsuit.

The healthcare industry is complex, with dozens of different settings ranging from long-term care facilities to acute care hospitals and outpatient clinics. The wide range of equipment used for day-to-day operations alone makes it difficult to keep track of locations and maintenance. Modern healthcare systems offer a spectrum of care, operating both inpatient and outpatient clinics as well as ancillary care facilities, such as rehabilitation. In some cases, assets are shared among different locations—so precise scheduling is imperative.

Metal foil asset tags simplify many of these processes. With unique identifiers on every piece of equipment, asset tags, when used in conjunction with an asset management system, make it simple to maintain accurate records. A simple scan can pull up an asset’s:

  • entire history
  • current location
  • upcoming schedule
  • vendor source
  • part reordering information
  • maintenance history
  • supplier contact information
  • and much more

Ordering parts or scheduling maintenance can be as simple as a few clicks. The scannability of metal foil asset tags drastically reduces documentation errors, resulting in fewer mistakes in the delivery of care and a reduction in billing errors. A functional asset tag combined with asset management software can enhance regulatory compliance and improve accuracy in a variety of healthcare applications.

Metal Foil Asset Tags for Education

The education industry also reaps the benefits of metal foil asset tags. Like those in the healthcare industry, education providers often operate out of multiple buildings—even spread out geographically, in some instances. This makes tracking assets more difficult, especially when trying to maintain lower operating costs.

For example, AV equipment is often shared by departments. Not every instructor has a need for a DVD player or video screen every day, so it doesn’t always make sense for an educational institution to invest in such equipment for every classroom. With metal foil asset tags, the same equipment can be shared across an entire department, avoiding the need to duplicate assets. Scheduling is streamlined so educational institutions can maximize the use of every asset. Metal foil asset tags also make identifying equipment simple—a scan of an item offers immediate access to an asset’s assigned department or location.

Education providers can use asset tags for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • streamlining data collection and records management
  • improving accuracy in tracking
  • managing school property
  • preventing theft

There are dozens of benefits for educational institutions ranging from improved regulatory compliance to cost savings due to more efficient use of existing assets.

Metal Foil Asset Tags for Government

Government agencies must track and maintain thousands of different assets, ranging from standard office equipment to outdoor signage. With the necessary task of accounting for every item—and every dollar spent—metal foil asset tags make documentation easy.

Used in conjunction with asset management software, agencies can easily and accurately document an item’s entire history, including:

  • maintenance and repairs
  • locations
  • vendors for replacement parts
  • warranty information
  • other essential information

Asset management software also streamlines the reporting process, allowing you to generate compliance reports for audits and other regulatory requirements.

Many government agencies are faced with strict regulatory requirements and guidelines. Street signs, for instance, must comply with FHWAretroreflectivity guidelines set forth in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). These requirements set standards for inventory tracking and maintenance programs and also address visibility standards, requiring that street signs be both legible and highly visible both during the day and at night for improved driver safety. All of these requirements are aided with a strategic asset management system using asset tags.

Metal Foil Asset Tags for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is complex, requiring a versatile asset tag solution to meet the various needs of these environments. Manufacturing plants often expose assets to harsh conditions as a rule, including caustic cleaners and solvents, chemicals, and weather elements, such as extreme heat and cold, rain, and harsh sunlight. From aircraft carriers to work-in-process environments, metal foil asset tags are durable enough to withstand most conditions within the manufacturing industry.

Metal foil asset tags resist abrasion, UV exposure and extreme temperatures. With crisp black graphics sealed below an anodic layer of aluminum, these asset tags remain readable for 20-plus years in exterior conditions—encompassing the useable life span of many assets used in this versatile industry.

Manufacturing enterprises can also opt to customize metal foil asset tags with color elements or logos for enhanced coding and to streamline record-keeping or workflow processes. A combination of human-readable information alongside scannable bar codes creates an asset tag with enhanced functionality, making them even more valuable to your enterprise.

Metal Foil Asset Tags Boost Productivity, Cut Costs and Improve Compliance

Metal foil is a unique productthat’s ideal for use in several industries. Camcode metal foil asset tags are ideal for use in a wide variety of applications spanning the healthcare, manufacturing, government and education industries. In every case, these labels offer superior durability and are designed to last the full useable life of your assets.

Today’s industries are under pressure to do more with less, including extending the lifespan of their existing assets to reduce overhead costs and boost efficiency. Metal foil asset tags provide a solid foundation for a comprehensive asset management system, which offers benefits ranging from cost reductions, theft prevention, enhanced productivity and improved compliance with today’s strict regulatory guidelines.

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