3 Important Tips for Praxis Practice Tests

The Praxis Practice Test is an important test for those aiming to pursue a career in teaching. This test is held in America and controlled by Educational Testing Service. Anyone trying to enter in the profession of teacher in the United States need to go through this test.

This test is very crucial because colleges and universities in America use the result of this Praxis practice test for allowing the entry of all the budding teachers in the field of teacher education programs and also use this test result for issuing professional authorization to all the upcoming teachers letting them to practice the profession of teaching.

This test is generally taken up by applicants during the very onset of their college life. Praxis practice test evaluates the applicant’s dexterity in reading, writing and one’s ability in solving mathematical problems and reasoning questions.

The Praxis Practice Test has two stages: Practice Test 1 and Practice Test 2.

Praxis Practice Test 1 has three exams; reading, writing and mathematics and the Praxis Practice Test 2 covers up more than 120 subjects ranging from grades K-12.

However every test is confined to a specific subject-area and one has to apply only for that subject, which is required for his/her profession, like if anyone wishes to apply for the post of English teacher, than his/her subject-area will be completely different from those applying for the post of mathematics teacher.

Praxis Practice Tests

The test is divided into three different stages:

1. Subject Assessment:

This stage determines and measures individual’s subject- oriented acquaintance. The test consists both multiple-choice questions and easy type questions.

2. Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Tests:

The next phase assesses individual’s common didactic knowledge. This phase also contains multiple-choice questions and several short but practical questions based on information given in various case studies.

3. Teaching Foundations Tests:

At this stage evaluates individual’s general knowledge in four areas which includes multiple subjects, Mathematics, Science and English and several reasoning questions.

The tests can be given either in computer or in papers. The tests are controlled and overlooked by a universal test centre, which comprises of various Universities, High Schools, Prometric Testing Centers and several additional spots all around the world.

Preparations For The Praxis practice test:

The Praxis tests are elite tests and it takes really great toll on those trying to crack it. It is tough and demands solid hard work to qualify this test. It is very difficult for anyone to take preparations for this test if he/she is clueless about where to start from and since this test is very unambiguous and strictly subject oriented so one must work really hard to do well in this test.

Here are some tips which will hopefully help all the young aspirants to crack the Praxis tests.

1. Educational Testing Service (ETS):

ETS is an unpaid and voluntary educational testing group, which is directs Praxis tests. One can go to this group’s website and can gather all the required information about the tests plus various other additional and fruitful tips which will help the aspirants in taking preparations to a great extent.

2. Praxis Test Prep Review:

The Test Prep Review is of great help while preparing for the Praxis tests, because it is a great source of online practice tests and also contains information and test papers of other tests like GED and LSAT.

3. Cliff Notes:

Preparing for Praxis tests without reading Cliff Notes is really hard to believe because the Cliff Notes and Praxis tests are almost synonymous. Cliff Notes has no match when it comes to preparing for tests and essays. Cliff Notes contains guidelines on what to read and how to read while preparing for the Praxis test, along with it that it contains information regarding code of learning and teaching and principles of special education.

4. Praxis II Tests:

Another option is Praxis II Tests, which suggests and recommends variety of test questions for almost every possible subject. It is one of the best choices to go for while preparing for the Praxis tests. a little more than necessary can never hurt, Aspirants can solve as many practice papers as they can to sharpen their knowledge and can include this website in their study curriculum so that they can prepare themselves aptly and will also get well-acquainted with the prototype of the Praxis test.

The Praxis tests is a vital and a standardized test in America, Canada, India, where quality matters the most, so those wishing to crack it must pull up their shocks and should start preparing from now onwards.

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