13 Ways to Land Cheaper Airfare

In today’s economic times we all are looking of ways in, which we can make saving on our expenditure and the same holds true for making airfare bookings.

It has increasingly become difficult to find the best priced airfare to our desired destination especially when you have a limited travel budget.

However, there are few tips using, which you can get cheaper air ticket for your next flight.

1. Use your frequent flier miles/ Rewards Points

One of the most used means to get cheap or sometimes even free airfare is to make use of airline and credit cards reward programs. So, in case you are not registered for a frequent flier program sign up without any delay. You must ensure that you choose your preferred airline depending upon where you will travel and the type of tickets you’ll buy.

2. Join your preferred airline on social networking sites: Twitter and Facebook

There are a number of airlines such as American Airlines, Delta and Southwest, which render various deals and discounts on airfare to different locations. So, when you follow them on twitter and facebook you will be amongst the first to get updated information of such discounts and limited airfare offers.

3. Explore the internet

In the world of internet today there are websites such as priceline.com that allows you to make a price offer. The only requirement in such deal is flexibility: only once you buy the ticket you will come to know about the airline, layovers and the timings. The biggest advantage of these sites is that you get to save almost 50% of the fare.

Land Cheaper Airfare

4. Search for discount codes

Another great way to land a cheap air ticket is to looking for coupon code. Finding these coupons does not take long as to get them all you need to do is search for “(Airline) Promo Code.” In search engines, you might also get promo codes for hotels and car rentals.

5. Subscribe for discounts via email alerts

With internet available everywhere you can make the most of the ‘Sign up for deal alerts’ offered by numerous airlines that can be either emailed or texted on your mobile phone. Apart from this, there are certain travel companies that you to receive email alerts from your different airlines from time to time.

6. Avoid unnecessary baggage charges

In order to save on air tickets it is vital that you select an airline, which offers an inexpensive or no-cost luggage policy. This is important to check as you might be paying less for the tickets but the baggage expense will eventually cause you to shell out more.

7. Be flexible with your travel plan

Being flexible with your travel plan that is opting for connecting flights, booking an early morning flights and even skipping extra services offered by the airline can help you save a lot on your air tickets. Flying during shoulder season is a great way to save money on airfare.

8. Get refund on air tickets

It is advisable that you follow the airfare even after you have bought your air ticket. This is because there are many times that airlines give you full refund if you cancel your booking with them within 24 hours and so if you end up getting a cheaper air ticket after you have purchased it would be a great deal for you. At times, you might take time before you book your ticket then you can get partial refund on the fare depending on the airline you choose.

9. Try getting air passes

There are many countries, which in order to promote tourism render air passes at cost-effective prices. This is a great option for those who are planning an extensive trip in particular country. One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot book an air pass online but either through a travel agent or directly by the provider.

10. Plan ahead

Planning ahead of time is always a great way to get cheap airline tickets. Usually the rates start increasing two weeks before the flight date.

11. Last minute ticket

Unlike popular notion getting air tickets at the last minute can help you make unbelievable discounts. This is mainly because the airlines have failed to fill in their seats. Apart from this, certain airlines offer weekly newsletters that keep you informed about their last-minute deals. You can thus, get fantastic deals to different locations of the world while you save a lot of money.

12. Don’t be rigid about the airport

It is not the distance between the place of origin and destination that determines the airfare but the size of the airport and the number of passengers that adds to the cost of the air tickets. Therefore, if you are looking for cheaper airfare, choose a small airport.

13. Perks of getting a ticket via credit card

Many times Credit Card Company has tie-up with different airlines that allows you get air tickets at discounted rates for the particular airline or region.

With all these easy to follow tips you will certainly be able to purchase your air tickets at economical rate!

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