10 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Businesses tend to be completely focused with online marketing and often forget to include direct mail marketing in their overall plan. While online marketing is essential in this fast-paced world, there are 10 important reasons why businesses must also use direct mail marketing campaigns.

Here are the 10 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns:

1. Direct Mail Lists are Targeted

Trying to reach your target market through search engines is a challenge. As the rules keep changing, so does the game. Direct mail marketing has been around for decades. Well-established mailing lists make it easy to reach your target market. This makes it possible to put information people want right into their hands. It is an priceless chance to market your offerings to the right people.

2. People See Snail Mail

Email marketing letters might wind up in the spam folder and the recipient never knows they were sent. People see all the snail mail that lands in their mailboxes and hold it in their hands. This gives you a few precious seconds to get them to notice your promotional mail. This is more than you might get by sending an email. Snail mail ultimately winds up in the hands of a human being rather than an automated mailbox.

3. Snail Mail Stands Out

Some people receive hundreds of emails in a single day. It is hard to stand out in such a loud din. Snail mail always stands out. People are receiving fewer letters and tend to notice each one. Sending snail mail also suggests you have a special message to share with the recipient. Instantly your business becomes more relevant.

4. Promotional Items Make a Difference

Sending snail mail gives you a golden opportunity to include promotional items. These items include your business name or logo and act as an ongoing advertisement. People can’t resist opening a mailing that clearly contains something free. Consider using these promotional items in your next direct mail marketing campaign:

  • magnetic business cards that can be prominently displayed on refrigerators and file cabinets;
  • promotional pens that are sure to be used in a variety of locations;
  • a memo pad is always useful and each page is another advertisement for your company; and
  • calendars become an ad for your company for an entire year.

5. Coupons Lure Customers

Everyone wants to score something of value for less. Online coupons must be printed or codes copied to use when the buyer is ready. Direct mail marketing packages include pre-printed coupons that are ready to be used or shared. These coupons are a way to lure customer to your store or website to make a purchase. They offer valuable goods or services for a fraction of the price. Being able to view these coupons is the best way to encourage potential customers to make a purchase.

6. Reply Cards Are a Call to Action

Many direct mail marketing campaigns include reply cards. These handy, post-paid cards are a way to keep in touch with potential customers. By remaining in contact, you build a relationship. Reply cards can be used to:

  • Ask for additional information about your company, goods or services;
  • Pre-order an upcoming item to make it even more special to the potential buyer;
  • Take advantage of a special, limited time offer; and
  • Gather information from potential customers through a survey or questionnaire.

7. Direct Mail is Interactive

Direct mail marketing campaigns can be interactive. They encourage people to read more about your company and learn about what you have to offer. Including coupons, reply cards and surveys are a way to interactive with customers. You can also provide your website address with special offers to check out online. Let potential customers know where to find you on social media. This creates the perfect fusion of direct mail marketing and online marketing. You can bring both worlds together seamlessly with a solid direct mail marketing campaign.

8. People Can Share Direct Mail

Sharing is a concept people apply to online social media. While this is an effective way to spread the word, direct mail can also be shared. When people have something relevant they can see and feel, they want to show it to others. Your mailing can also include additional brochures, business cards and materials to share with friends and co-workers. This is an excellent way to encourage people to put something tangible into the hands of others.

9. Cost-Effective Direct Mail Has Worked for Decades

Online marketing campaigns are constantly changing as search engines update their rules. This means businesses have to start their marketing efforts all over again. Direct mail is a timeless technique that has worked for decades. Businesses have been investing in snail mail because it makes a difference. People read it and respond to the call of action. There are also recipients that throw it away. It is always a numbers game but direct mail is tried and true. Businesses are sure to see results when they initiate an effective direct mail campaign. Direct mail is also cost-effective so it is affordable for all business budgets.

10. Use Color and Words to Incite Emotion

Direct mail is visually appealing. The use of color and words can incite emotions in the recipient. Use direct mail images and slogans to address a common need or concern. This makes the recipient want to open up the mailing and read more. Every element of your direct mail package should be consistent and professional. Use the same colors, images and logos on each piece. By the end of looking at the package, the reader should be familiar with your business and remember its name. Even if they don’t take action at the moment, they will remember you when they are in the market for what you offer.

Direct mail marketing remains an integral part of promoting any business. It makes your brand stronger and puts you in front of the eyes of your target market. While others businesses focus on online marketing, your business should maintain a healthy balance of both.

Using direct mail marketing campaigns and online marketing strategies is the ultimate combination for success. Watch your business soar ahead of the competition when you combine timeless and modern marketing techniques.

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